.: Pricing

If you are looking for high quality work at a competetive price along with the fastest turn around in the area, then Bear Valley should be your choice.

Common animal pricing
Turkeys: $500.00
Deer:     $475.00
Pheasant & Duck  $235.00
Fish:   $10.00 per inch
Trout:      $11.00 per inch
Fish-Graphite Reproduction $16-18 per inch

Bear, exotics, or full body prices depend on forms and materials, but will always be competitively priced. 

*Due to new state laws, uncleaned deer, elk, and moose skulls may not be brought into MN from other states.

Deer board mount$80
European mount  $80-$150
Turkey tail and beard   $80

Most mounts not being sent out have a 4-6 month turn-around based on first in first out.

*Items out of my control such as freezer burn, tanning issues, or not taking proper care of the animal before bringing it to me can affect turn-around time. See the Field Preparation page for instructions on proper field care after harvesting your animal.